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The Evolution of eXtension

Spur On the Evolution of Extension

Since 2009, eXtension has brought innovative speakers, exciting presentations, cutting edge discussion, and futuristic idea sharing to Cooperative Extension.  In 2012, eXtension is once again offering Cooperative Extension an outstanding opportunity for professional development and personal growth.  Spur on the Evolution of Extension, the 2012 National eXtension Conference, will bring excellent programming in the form of national keynote speakers, fast-paced breakout sessions, enhanced opportunities for community building and dialog, all in an atmosphere of excitement, fun, and high spirits.

Join colleagues from across the country in Oklahoma City, October 1 to October 4, 2012 as we explore new ways of working smarter not harder, the implications of technology in program delivery and work, educating in new and different ways, and enhancing the value our work brings at the state and local levels.  Your contributions to this community are valuable!  Your participation in this discussion is critical! YOU are a part of the Evolution of Extension!!!

Outstanding Keynote Speakers


Devin FidlerResearch Manager, Technology Horizons, Institute for the Future Devin’s interests center on the application of foresight to organizational strategy and strategic planning. In particular, he is interested in organizations as systems designed to activate “know how” in the right places and at the right times. From this perspective, he argues that in a post-globalization world “all management is knowledge management.”[/three_columns_one][three_columns_one]

Dr. Theresa Bernardo works at the intersection of new information technologies with health, education and international development. She is currently leading multidisciplinary initiatives at Michigan State University.  [/three_columns_one][three_columns_one_last]

Amy Lynch understands the differences between generations as well as the key needs and values that bring them together. She helps leaders, managers, and co-workers understand how to turn generational awareness into action, providing practical solutions for how to recruit, retain, train, engage, and communicate with all four generations more effectively. [/three_columns_one_last] [divider]